Original Equipment Manufactured Body Parts

Original Equipment Manufactured Parts


Currently, B Street Collision in Omaha is utilizing OEM, original factory body parts, for all repairs (unless customer has requested otherwise). B Street Collision has made a business decision to forgo purchasing the aftermarket body parts that the insurance companies asked us to use. B Street Collision has elected to purchase the OEM parts so we can return your vehicle to it's original safe pre-accident condition. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

It's a Matter of Safety

Imitation Parts with Unknown Collision Performance

Your vehicle was designed to meet all Federal Safety Standards. This design incorporates collision performance requirements that are important to your safety. Many times aftermarket parts are not tested or certified by their makers, or the insurance companies who want shops to use them. Aftermarket parts cannot guarantee your vehicle will meet the specifications of the original manufacturer or the testing standards of the U.S. Government. All aftermarket or imitation parts are not created equal — but all OEM parts are, insist on original factory body parts and choose B Street Collision.

It's a Matter of Quality

You paid a lot for your vehicle, and you want to keep the original quality that was built into it by its manufacturer. B Street Collision is the only body shop in the surrounding market utilizing only OEM body parts on all repairs unless customer specified. By utilizing only OEM body parts. B Street Collision has increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by returning your car with a perfect fit and finish. We've removed the possibility of any aftermarket parts failure in a future collision. Original factory parts without a doubt increase the accuracy of our repairs.

It's a Matter of Choice

No matter what anyone tells you, you do have the right to choose where to get your vehicle repaired. After market or counterfeit body parts may not fit properly and many may fold under stress making your car less safe. Using imitation parts may void your new vehicle warranty in some cases. The saying "you get what you pay for" rings true here. To be certain your car is back to pre-accident condition and you would rather have original factory parts, then exercise your right and choose B Street Collision.

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