What Are OEM Parts?

What Are OEM Parts

We Use Manufacturer Parts for All Collision Repair in Omaha, Lincoln and KC

At B Street Collision Center in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kansas City, we are determined to do right by our customers. That means providing nothing but the best auto collision repair.

To do this, we provide free estimates, manufacturer certified collision repair, stellar customer service and a streamlined repair process. We do all of this to serve our communities in the best possible way, and to ensure your continued satisfaction and trust.

We always strive to take things a step further. This is why all our collision repair shops bearing our name use only genuine manufacturer parts. There are many reasons why using manufacturer, and not aftermarket parts, is important, and here’s why we use them at B Street Collision Center.

Your Safety is Our Priority

There are numerous reasons why you should choose our shops that use manufacturer parts, but the main reason is safety. Genuine car parts that were approved by the manufacturer are guaranteed to operate as intended and ensure the perfect fit in your vehicle.

Keep in mind that there is no way to guarantee the performance of imitation parts, or to gauge their level of safety and durability. The lack of testing and approval by the manufacturer makes these parts potentially hazardous to our customers and their vehicles. Rest assured that this is why we have chosen to stop using non-OEM body parts.

Your safety on the road is our top priority, so if your car needs new parts and you think to yourself “is there an auto body shop near me that uses only genuine parts?”, think B Street Collision Center.

Genuine Car Parts are Durable

Our customers deserve nothing but the best auto collision repair in Omaha and Lincoln, NE and KC, so when the time comes to get new car parts, there can be no compromise on quality or durability. Unfortunately, non-OEM body parts cannot be trusted, which is why we have decided to only purchase genuine car parts for all repairs. We do this at no extra cost to our customers or their insurance companies.

While there is no standard or testing for aftermarket parts when it comes to durability and reliability, you can rest assured that manufacturer car parts are properly vetted every time. This means that these parts undergo rigorous testing in order to meet the high standards for reliability under all conditions, set by your manufacturer.

When we purchase these parts for your car, we know that we can deliver on our promise to provide the best auto body repair in Omaha and Lincoln, NE and Kansas City.

Ensuring Quality at Our Auto Body Shops in Omaha, Lincoln, and KC

B Street Collision Center is committed to delivering unparalleled quality to every customer and their vehicle, regardless of the make and model. Every B Street auto body repair shop uses genuine parts to ensure safety and reliability, but also to ensure the overall quality of our workmanship.

After all, we take pride in our work, and we won’t let subpart car parts tarnish our track record. We have a long history of collision repair excellence and we intend to keep it that way going forward. At each of our locations, we have expert technicians, industry-leading equipment and manufacturer car parts ready to bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty on Our Workmanship

As you know, our longstanding tradition of auto body repair excellence is something we hold dear, but beyond that, we cherish the trust and respect from our communities. From our paintless dent repair and paint match technology, all the way to full collision repairs, everything is covered by our lifetime warranty.

The warranty we offer on all our work is a testament to our skill and expertise, and it is a promise to our customers that B Street Collision Center has got your back. Should you notice anything wrong with the parts or our workmanship, know that you are covered and that you can bring your vehicle back in for additional repairs.

Using Genuine body Parts for Your Peace of Mind

In the end, your peace of mind is what matters most. Knowing that you are safe on the road is the biggest recognition we can get, which is one of the reasons we use genuine manufacturer body parts. We also understand that you might be worried about the costs of these parts, and we got you covered there as well.

When you think to yourself “I need to find a body shop that provides free car collision estimates near me”, think of us, because we include free estimates in all our work. Simply drop by a B Street auto body shop in Kansas City, KS or Omaha and Lincoln, NE, and ask for a quick estimate or use our handy Free Estimates tool to get an estimate via smartphone!